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Overall 7
Play Value 7
Cost Value 6
Design 7
Quality 7
Parent Appeal 7


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MSRP:$39.99 ca
$29.99 us
Editor's Review

Our testers loved that this set was so portable, with drawers and under-stair storage to keep the smaller accesories and a latch to keep it folded closed with dolls stored inside. The colourfully detailed backgrounds were also applauded. But on its own, the toy is quite bare - only one doll, and very little furniture, so it's best enjoyed after kids already have a few Little Kingdom Figures and some furniture to use in it. 

Tester Reviews


The stairs come out! There are so many places the princesses can go and there are some drawers. The princesses take a long time to stand up. I like that I can fold it up and take it places. Look! The princess can twirl around. Mia (F5)

I like that it can fold up. I took it to school for Show and Tell for the letter C because it's a castle and castle starts with C. My friends liked it. It's fun to put the dress on the princess and I think it's funny when the princess' head pops off. The princess is tiny and cute. I just wish that there were more things inside the castle. Sara (F5)

I like about it that you can dress up the princesses in different clothes and share their clothes. I like the pieces that decorate their hair and dresses, and there is  a place to put the little pieces in the castle. I like that you can put CInderella inside her little shoe holes so she can twirl. It has different rooms and each room can belong to a princess. You can close and open the castle. Cinderella can take her clothes on and off. They should add a little flag at the top and a bed for Cinderella in her room. She should have earrings. There is a lot of space so you can play with a friend. Samantha (F5)


Mia (f5) really enjoys playing with this castle set. It would be better if it came with more than one character. We happened to have another set which made it more fun. She really enjoys playing with this set and loves the detailed backgrounds, the storage under the stairs and in the drawers, the multiple characters that you can get, and the twirling feature for the princesses. The fact that the figures don't stand up easily made play a bit frustrating at times for Mia, but overall this toy was a daily go-to activity. The portability and storage options are great and make this is an excellent travel toy. It would be even better if the window could close - this is the only flaw with the design, as if there are small pieces floating around, there is a chance they'll literally fly out the window. But the items store nicely in the built-in drawers and is a great set for the car, or the destination location.  Lots of role play and imaginary play. - we even brought it in the car for a long drive North. Having the extra character set [sold separately] was a bonus. With only one figure (Cinderella) I'm sure that she would have played with it less. Mia liked the room decorations and that she could match the princesses to the backgrounds. The stairs and drawers were great to house the small pieces from the other set. Sophie LaFleur

Initial interest was high but dwindled a bit over time. More accessories would likely have increased play value. F8 played with it briefly, but F5 was particularly attracted to it because she likes Disney princesses and castles. The inside was nicely decorated with stickers for the background. She enjoyed making up stories about the different princesses we tested it with. There were also little slippers on the floor that you could put the doll's feet in. The castle opens up for play but closes up with a latch to lock it, making it more compact and easier to store the dolls inside. Like that it is a carrying case for easy storage of the dolls, especially as it comes with a vanity and some pull out drawer boxes for the little snap on accessories. However, it is very bare and the F5 and F8 were disappointed that it did not come with more furniture, like a bed or table. Sandra Wong

My F5 year old is enjoying this toy. She loves the princess and has been holding her for most of last week. I'm not so sure why, but she loves how the clothes come on and off so easily, although I had to show my daughter what to do with the clothes as she could not figure it out on her own. The castle itself is not quite as exciting for her. It does not come with so many things. She'd prefer more furniture and more things to do within the castle. She typically plays with the princess alone or with other toys that we have. I like how the castle closes relatively easily, although my 5 year old had to learn how to open and close the castle and I had to show her how to open the drawers. It was a little tricky at first, but she figured it out. She is still having trouble placing the princess into the shoes to spin her, but I'm sure she'll figure out the spinny thing soon, too. The pieces in this toy are way too small for my liking, probably too small to be of any major safety concern, but I still would prefer not to have such little pieces on the floor of my play room. They are hard to find (and therefore hard to put away) and I have a baby in the house who still likes to eat random things he finds. Wendy Krakowski

Manufacturer's Description

Now little kids with big dreams can take their playtime on the go! You and your little dreamer will love this beautiful castle that triples as a playset, carrying case, and a place to store dolls and accessories from the Little Kingdom line. (Cinderella doll included, other dolls sold separately.) With a magical nod to every Disney Princess, this castle is the perfect place for little ones to play out all of their favorite Disney stories! Little dreamers can keep the fun going by creating Cinderella's outfit and accessorizing her with the included Snap-ins. They can also decorate their Disney Princess with mix-and-match Snap-ins and outfits (additional Snap-ins and removable outfits are included with other Little Kingdom dolls, sold separately) and can build their own Little Kingdom! Playset includes doll, outfit, 3 Snap-ins, and vanity.