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Creativity for Kids Grow Light

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MSRP:$37.99 ca
$29.99 us
Includes the Grow Light only, growing kits sold separately. No batteries needed, powered by the included USB cord.
Tester Reviews


The LED lights are so cool! I like how the plant doesn't need the sun because it has this LED fake sun instead. It's awesome. David (M7)


A fun concept - a light that looks and acts like the sun. My kids (F3, F5, M7) certainly love turning it on and off. It's practical because it can move up or down depending on the size of the plant. What I hate about it is the actual type of light that emanates from it. I have a tendency to be very light sensitive and this light gives me a headache. I have to leave it off whenever I'm in the room. A HUGE flaw with the design is that it cannot be plugged into a normal plug. Luckily, we have a spare adapter so we were able to keep it in our kitchen. But if you don't have an adapter, then I'm not sure how anyone would use this light at all. One leg of the light keeps coming off, but it isn't broken - it's just not so sturdy. It's well made other than that. Wendy Krakowski

Manufacturer's Description

GROW Garden Crafts recognizes that sometimes you just have to play in the dirt. Whether you live in an apartment building or are stuck inside because of the weather, our GROW garden crafts will engage the imagination of young green thumbs all year round. Help youngsters connect with nature through creativity and care. Kids can express their artistic side with these crafts while still learning how to tend to their growing plants. It’s time for children to be included in this popular hobby, so captive their developing minds while promoting creativity with these planters, terrariums and more.

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