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Grow Puppy

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MSRP:$12.50 ca
$9.99 us
Does not include the Grow Light (sold separately).
Tester Reviews


It's so much fun to plant and watch the seeds actually grow! I like to mist it a lot. I run to see it everyday when I get home from school to see how much it grew. David (M7)


It's great! The chia is growing. The details added on to make it look like a puppy are really fun for kids. The plastic tray is not the best quality, but it didn' break. My son was very excited to get his grow puppy going. He was able to do everything by himself. I was nearby in case he needed help, but he didn't need me. And now he loves inspecting it everyday to see how much it grew, but we all like to take turns misting it to keep it moist. I think it's great for kids to see how plants sprout and grow. I just wish that there were instructions for what we could do with it once it reaches a few inches high. do we just throw it out? Could we somehow plant it in a larger pot? It seems like such a waste to throw out. Wendy Krakowski

Manufacturer's Description

GROW Garden Crafts recognizes that sometimes you just have to play in the dirt. Whether you live in an apartment building or are stuck inside because of the weather, our GROW garden crafts will engage the imagination of young green thumbs all year round. Help youngsters connect with nature through creativity and care. Kids can express their artistic side with these crafts while still learning how to tend to their growing plants. It’s time for children to be included in this popular hobby, so captive their developing minds while promoting creativity with these planters, terrariums and more.

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