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Play Value 10
Cost Value 8
Design 9
Quality 8

Speak Out

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Note: Use mouthpiece only as indicated in the instructions, and remove from mouth after turn is over.
Editor's Review

Lots of laughs as players try to read the challenge phrases while wearing a mouth pieces that keeps their mouth wide open – no easy task, especially while laughing. And be prepared to look as silly as you sound because, after all, wearing the see-through mouth piece is just so glamorous. Our testers loved that it's the game itself that makes the fun, rather than relying on what players bring to it - no need for trivia knowledge, or acting skills or coming up with witty answers that others will vote for.

Tester Reviews


We has such a blast playing Speak Out. I haven’t laughed that hard in a long time! We played with 6 adults (we used mouthwash to sanitize the mouth pieces) aged 28 to 60. This is a great game to get the party started, break the ice and get everyone laughing to the point of tears! Just keep a napkin close to catch the drool! Heather Ransome

It's not just that mouth-thingy that makes it hard to say stuff, the fact that you're also laughing - like tears streaming down your face laughing - doubles the challenge, which of course, causes even more laughter. We played a couple of times with a group of eight adults on vacation (20s to 60s in age). Being family, it was easy to share the five nouth pieces, plus we had a small bottle of mouthwash from the room for anyone who wanted a quick swipe. Also worth having some tissues, otherwise as one of the game cards says, 'The drool factor is a problem'. We didn't see a rule sheet in the box, so we started by using the guidelines on the box - team play and you get to keep any cards you guess. But formal play was quickly abandoned because everyone wanted in on the guessing, so we just took turns trying to read the cards and having fun. We did notice a couple of things... mainly that the challenge to articulate the phrases did seem easier for some than others - not sure why. Also, that we got better at guessing becuase you can start to anticipate which sounds are difficult to say (like 'B's), and mentally check what you hear to see if those sounds work. It was still a big challenge, though because far from the well known phrases common in games like Charades, these phrases are just non-sensical word combos - like 'Witty worms write rhymes', or 'Pellicans love pollywog falafels". Funniest is when a phrase like 'Clucking and bucking with hens' comes out sounding a little bit wicked. What we like best about the game is how easy it is to play. The game itself makes the fun, rather than relying on what players bring to it - no need for trivia knowledge, or acting skills or coming up with witty answers that others will vote for. Just put in that device for some instant easy fun. Marcia MacQuarrie

Manufacturer's Description

Get ready to be doubled over with laughter with this ridiculous mouthpiece challenge game! The Speak Out game brings friends and family together for laugh-out-loud fun as players try to say different phrases while wearing a mouthpiece that won't let them shut their mouth. In the Speak Out game, players draw from the deck and read the phrase as best as they can, but it's not so easy to do when the mouthpiece is hindering them from forming words correctly. The timer counts down as players try to say phrases such as "he's my stealthy pet ferret name Garrett", "slow down, you careless clown", or "pelicans love pollywog falafels." The laughter continues as players try to decipher what in the world their teammate is trying to say, and must correctly guess the phrase in order to earn the card. The team with the most cards at the end of the game wins. The Speak Out game includes 200 double-sided cards, 5 mouthpieces, and a timer.

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