Gold Choice Award Winner
Overall 9
Play Value 10
Cost Value 5
Design 10
Quality 10


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MSRP:$79.99 ca
$59.99 us
2 x AA (Included)
Editor's Review

Huge initial appeal, that remained high throughout the month or so that it was play tested. We only had one Hatchimal sample, so rather than our usual home-based play testing, the toy was play tested for a 3-4 week period in a playgroup environment where we could witness the reactions of (the same) 10-30 children on a daily basis during the two hour play sessions. Based on these observations, we figure Hatchimals is probably a Platinum toy, but without the usual home-based feedback to be certain of appeal outside a group environment, we've awarded it a Gold Choice rating. Given the massive appeal of the toy this season, there will certainly be kids asking for it simply because their friends are all talking aobut it. And for some of them, the actual play appeal may be a disappointment. But for kids who love the nurturaing aspect of interactive robotic plush toys, this is ceratinly a winner. The most exciting part by far is the (one-time) hatching. But that's just the beginning,...

Tester Reviews


I brought this toy in to a before-school daycare program to hatch with a group of 10 kids. From the moment it came out of the box, the kids absolutely adored the egg with the lights and sounds it created. They took turns caring for the egg with one nurturing it while another would use the colour chart to decide what the Hachimal needed. After about 20 minutes of play the lights turned rainbow then white which indicated she was ready to hatch. The process of hatching was slower than I anticipated, but significantly more statisfying. Each peck built more anticipation for the children, with bursts of excitement when the beak started poking through. It took a total of about 40 minutes from the first peck to the point the top of the egg came off, and each minute was more exciting than the last. Going through the process of hatching the egg really built an attachment to the Hatchimal and the children continued to care and nurture the Hatchimal until it was time for school to start. The only drawback to the hatching of the Hatchimal is that when it is first removed from the egg, it has plastic wrap that must be removed - which took slightly away from the Hatchy Birthday song and celebration. Besides that the whole process from egg to hatch was an absolute blast. The Hatchimal has been raised by 10-30 children in both the before and after-school programs. It begins as a child and progresses through various stages which each have their own quirks. It communicates its wants and needs by displaying various eye colours which can be easily translated with the provided reference materials. In the child stage the interactions were rather simple. For example, when the Hatchimal gets hungry, tilting it forward to mimic eating makes it happy. Sometimes it wants to be cuddled or petted. The first stage lasted a couple hours and moved on to the next by displaying rainbow colours in its eyes. The Hatchimal progressed through the stages and began to sing, dance and learn basic interactions. The big appeal was the feeling of nurturing and caring for the Hatchimal throughout the entire process. Over the course of about 3-4 weeks there has been no point during the daily two hour play sessions in which the Hatchimal wasn't being played with by at least one of the children, and it was often often surrounded by a group. The initial appeal has not worn off in the slightest and the Hatchimal feels almost like a classroom pet. Cameron MacQuarrie

Manufacturer's Description

Who will you hatch? Hatchimals can't hatch on their own. YOU are the key to releasing the magic! Each egg contains one of two magical Hatchimals.  Two styles available: Pengulas and Draggles. Hold! I need you to take care of me. Keep me safe and happy! Watch! When I'm ready, I really hatch! I can't do it without you! Play! You can teach me to walk, talk, dance and more!

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