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PAW Patrol - Paw Terrain Vehicle

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MSRP:$59.99 ca
$39.99 us
3 x LR44 (Included)
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I like trucks and that its Paw Patrol. I the crane, the sounds and the paw parrot, and putting paw patrol figurines in the crain and the trunk and bring them for ride.  Aiden (M3)


Very impressed with this vehicle. My boys (3 & 6) are really liking this vehicle, especially the lights and sounds, and the crane. When my son (3) comes back from daycare, he loves to get his truck and play in the living room with his big brother (6). They gather all their paw patrol toys and they play together. They share and both have a good time. My 3 year old son did not lose interest at all. He's really into the crane and putting the animals in there and raise them up and down, then put them all in the trunk and take them for rides. It's a well made toy and nothing has broken and the sounds from the truck are just perfect (not too loud). I love that you can store the figurines in the trunk of the truck so we don't loose any of them. Very handy. A bit expensive for what it does but the boys enjoyed the toy. Annie Deveau

Manufacturer's Description

PAW Patrol is on a roll with the Paw Terrain Vehicle! Join Ryder and his friend Mateo the parrot on their jungle mission — Baby Panther is in trouble and he needs your help! Place the Ryder figure into the Paw Terrain Vehicle, attach Mateo to the roof rack and get ready to roll! You’ve found the Baby Panther! Load him into the animal carrier and use the crane to pull him up to safety. Activate authentic lights & sounds with a push of the Paw Badge and head back to base. Race to the rescue with the PAW Patrol Paw Terrain Vehicle!

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