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Walls & Warriors

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Early Impressions

We love the medieval castle theme and the simple premise of this puzzle: position the castle walls so that your (blue) knights and the tower are protected inside the walls, while keeping the red enemy knights outside the castle compound. The set includes 80 progressively more challenging puzzles to solve.

Tester Reviews


I like trying to keep the good guys safe from the bad guys and that you get less information to start with as the puzzles get harder There are lots of different ways the walls fit together and lots of different puzzles. i wish there had been more wall pieces instead of just 4 so there could be more different ways of putting the puzzle together. Kyle (M10)


I thought this toy would be a big hit, but my son (10) was not that interested in playing unless I specifically asked him to. He thought the puzzle would be different and would be lots of pieces and different ways to out them together instead of just the 4 wall pieces. I found the puzzle interesting and so did a few other adults that visited our house but neither my 7 yr old daughter or my 10 yr old son were very interested in playing. The only thing I found strange about the design was that the 2 roof panels kept falling off the castle. Allison Munro

Manufacturer's Description

Position the walls and protect your warriors! Brain power is needed to protect your castle in this exciting game. Can you arrange the walls on the game board to protect the blue warriors within the castle and keep the red invaders out? Discover Walls & Warriors with its 80 increasingly difficult challenges! Choose a challenge. Place the knights and towers on the game board as indicated in the challenge. Then position the 4 walls so that the red knights are kept outside and the blue knights and towers remain within the ramparts. There is only one solution per challenge.

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