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Smartcar 5 x 5

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Build your car and drive away! Challenge your kids to build a car with 5 different blocks in this unique logic game! SmartCar 5x5 includes the car and 5 wooden blocks in 5 different colors. Kids solve each of the 96 challenges by placing all of the blocks correctly in the car according to the clues. SmartCar 5x5 is a puzzle and a toy…solve a challenge or take your car for a test drive! SmartCar 5x5 is basically a redesigned SmartCar, an educational puzzle designed in 2009. The new SmartCar has slightly smaller blocks, making it easier to manipulate by young kids. The body of the car and wheels are now made of plastic. It’s now less heavy and it rolls now much better. There is more variation to the challenges. There are now two separate challenge booklets included in every box: one for preschool children and one for primary school children. The challenges for preschool are similar to the original version. You need 4 L-shaped blocks to make a car as shown. But the challenges for primary school require the use of 5 blocks, including the new orange block. This makes those challenges much harder. Simplified game concept: in the original game you had to fit the blocks in the wooden basis AND make sure that the eyes (which were printed on the blocks) looked forward. All other eyes needed to be hidden. This double challenge was a little too much for many young children. So in the new version the eyes are fixed to the body of the car, so that children can focus on the right position of the blocks. The car has a fifth wheel on the back to indicate very clearly the front and backside of the car in the challenge. In the previous version this was done by having a red and blue wheel. But for some children this hint was a little too subtle.