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FlipaZoo Plush Toy

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Age:All Ages
MSRP:$29.99 ca
$19.99 us
Tester Reviews


I like flipping it from one to the other. It has a dragon and a unicorn and I like unicorns! I also like it has different animals. Samantha (F5)


All my kids (F3 F5 F7) really like stuffed animal and there was initial high interest in this toy because it is soft, large, and attractive. They liked that it was two different animals and you could change its appearance by flipping part of it over. However, the novelty faded quite quickly and it is barely being played with. Sandra Wong

Manufacturer's Description

Two sides of fun-for everyone! With a FlipaZoo Toy Pillow, kids will flip for their lovable animal friends! Each fun-stuffed FLipaZoo features 2 fluffy characters that flip back and forth for 2 sides of fun. FlipaZoo is simple and easy to do. Discover the complete FlipaZoo collection for a variety of characters, colors and sizes that are great for on-the-go home. People of all ages will love collecting, FlipaZoo friends, one by two!

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