Platinum Choice Award Winner
Overall 10
Play Value 9
Cost Value 10
Design 9
Quality 9
Parent Appeal 9
Educational Value 10

Paper Jamz Instant Rock Star Guitar

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MSRP:$29.99 ca
$24.99 us
Editor's Review

The brilliance of this toy is that it gives kids access to explore music in a meaningful way, without first having to overcome the often frustrating hurdle of mastering an instrument. This electronics-embedded "paper" guitar won't help you learn to play a real guitar. It's value lies in in the fact that unlike learning to play a real instrument, this toy effortlessly generates a quality musical sound that gives kids the opportunity - and inspiration! - to "play" with music in a way they can't when using the poor quality sound they are likely to produce on an instrument they haven't yet mastered. Kids are exposed to the sound - but not correct fingerings - of 24 different musical chords (38 fingerings are provided, b